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Updated: 11.07.2012


Tarjusojantie 12
90440 Kempele
+358 (0)8 562 3130
medanets (at)


Company description

Medanets Oy offers new kind of wireless tools for healthcare professionals in hospitals and other health care centers. Work time can be released from routine tasks to actual nursing work. The overall quality of nursing goes up and the nurses' work becomes more meaningful since less time is spent doing routine tasks.

Medanets Oy's product is a Medanets Automatic Filing system with which nursing staff can record, save, and browse the results of patient measurements. Measured values are automatically transferred into the Electric Patient Records via a wireless network. The information is immediately available to all system users.Patient electric identification is a part of Medanets total solution. Medanets product offering includes also patient wristband solution for hospitals and other care units. Both RFID and barcode based identification technologies are supported.

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ICT & Nano LifeSciences

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