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Updated: 09.07.2012


Nahkatehtaankatu 2
90130 Oulu
+358 (0)41 435 5788
fantastec (at)


Company description

Fantastec has the mission and passion to power children’s happiness and to create great value for parents and educators with fun and educational digital adventures. Fantastec crew is excellent combination of artistic, programming, education and business expertise. Fantastec develops Polar Heroes, fun and educational game based learning service for families: kids have exiting adventures while helping their character to grow. While playing, they also learn mathematics, languages, arts, nature and much more. Fun for kids, beneficial for parent!

Two year old Fantastec is the winner of Innovative business idea competition and finalist of e-learning competition eEemeli (2010). Fantastec was nominated third most interesting Finnish ICT company at Zero To IPO investor forum (China, December 2011).

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