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TESTiLABS Renews Testing Services Business Model

TESTiLABS Renews Testing Services Business Model

TESTiLABS Ltd, founded in Finland in November 2016, is a company that combines electronic devices and software testing service providers into a new, network-based business model. TESTiLABS consists of several expert testing companies that produce TESTiLABS’ testing and analysis services. TESTiLABS provides companies with sales and marketing services through its global network.

TESTiLABS' experts have a long history with Nokia. Almost all TESTiLABS testing laboratories were originally built and operated by Nokia Mobile Phones. The majority of TESTiLABS customers are from the telecommunications sector, but test services have also been extended to health technology, the automotive industry, as well as to IoT devices. TESTiLABS customers can take advantage of TESTiLABS’ extensive testing services when developing their products, when they have needs for regulatory approvals and certifications or need quality assurance prior to sales of a product or SW service.

The “Uber of Testing”

“Test services’ joint sales and marketing channel was developed to allow testing companies to combine their service offerings to be part of larger service offerings,” TESTiLABS Chairman of the Board, Petri Pajarinen says.

“Small companies have difficulties approaching and gaining business from large multinational companies," continues Pajarinen. Sales and Marketing are expensive and time-consuming, and a common sales and marketing strategy will help companies to achieve better visibility and also, if necessary, gain support and help from each other. You could say that our goal is to be the ‘Uber of testing,’ where the customers can choose the most appropriate testing services,” says Pajarinen.

TESTiLABS customers are both multinational and local companies and TESTiLABS’ sales and marketing organization has local resources in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. Testing laboratories are located in Finland, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Brazil. Negotiations with new, potential test laboratory companies in Central Europe, North America and Asia are ongoing.

TESTiLABS’ public launch was at Barcelona Mobile World Congress on February 2017. TESTiLABS received positive feedback and during the exhibition, TESTiLABS had several meetings with potential customers.

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