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Nallikari Snow Fest is looking for beginner sculptors

Nallikari Snow Fest is looking for beginner sculptors

Nallikari Snow Fest is a visitor-friendly snow sculpting event that aims to increase the visibility of snow sculpting as an art form. This time also the audience gets a chance to try their skills at snow sculpting. The goal is to create a stunning snow sculpture park in Nallikari with both the professionals and beginners alike!

Nallikari Snow Fest will take place on 19–23 February. By the deadline, the event organizers received dozens from applications from professional teams around the world. The event’s professional teams were chosen based on sent drafts. The sculpture park will feature both descriptive as well as abstract works of snow art.

Top teams from the past years, Mexico, Poland, and German were chosen once again based on their original drafts. In addition to Finland and Russia, teams from Belarus, Czech Republic, Ukraine as well as another team from Germany also convinced the jury. The furthest team arriving this year is from Korea!

Oulu and Nallikari have gathered interest among snow sculptors from around the world. Already, the event organizers have received messages and inquiries about participating in the 2021 snow sculpting event.

In this year’s event, also the audience gets to try snow sculpting. The audience sculpting will be guided by Geertje Jacob from Germany. Geertje is an internationally recognized snow sculptor, instructor, and blogger.

The beginner sculpting will be arranged on Saturday 22.2. The audience sculptors will be chosen in advance in the order of enrollment. Audience teams can participate as a single person, a family or a group of friends for example. The participation fee also includes entrance tickets to Nallikari Winter Village as well as some sausages and juice. More detailed registration information can be found on the Nallikari Snow Fest website.

The sculpture park is in the immediate vicinity of Nallikari Winter Village and Nallikari Holiday Village. The audience can come to view the professionals working every day during the event. On Friday, you can meet the professional teams in the ‘Snow Art with Heart’ event held in Restaurant Nallikari. During the event, their views and perspectives on the world of snow sculpting will be heard for example from art pedagogic teacher Laura Lampinen from Oulu Museum of Art as well as the chairman of The International Association of Snow and Ice Sculpture Mr. Juhani Lillberg. The free one-hour long event will begin at 17:00 and everyone interested in snow sculpting is welcome to join.

The event will conclude with the ending ceremony and illumination of the sculptures Sunday 23.2.
After the sculpting ends on Saturday evening, the area will transform into a unique wintry snow art park. The snow art park will be illuminated Saturday evening 18:30-24:00 as well as Sunday evening 17:30-21:30. Nallikari Snow Fest ending ceremony will be held Sunday 23.2., starting at 12:00.

The world-class professional sculptures and personal audience works of snow art will be available for everyone to enjoy until the snow melts.

The international snow sculpting event is made possible by cooperation among local organizations. Nallikari Snow Fest is organized by Nallikari Events Ry together with Nallikari Holiday Village and Vauhtipuisto. For example, the visit from the internationally recognized snow sculpting professional Geertje Jacob is produced in cooperation with VisitOulu. A broad cooperation network makes the event possible and creates international visibility for the partners!

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