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Domos Labs to join Linux Foundation Allseen Alliance

Domos Labs to join Linux Foundation Allseen Alliance

Oulu-based Domos Labs has joined Linux Foundation Allseen Alliance, the collaborative industry project established to secure interoperability for Internet of Things. The Alliance has had a very successful 2014, attracting a number of global heavyweights in various industries like Qualcomm, Microsoft, Sony, LG, Cisco, Electrolux etc:

Domos Labs is creating the first LEARNING Wi-Fi Router, applying state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to optimize and simplify home wi-fi. In Allseen Alliance they will join the Gateway Agent working group. The company has offices in Oslo (Norway) and Palo Alto (CA) in addition to Oulu.

“We have been very impressed by the work that is being done in Allseen Alliance, and are proud to join and contribute. We believe the open gateway platform is critical to realize interoperability in IoT.” says Domos Labs CEO, Olav Nedrelid.

Domos Labs established R&D base in Oulu because of the extraordinary competence available. “It is an incredibly deep talent pool with world class experts. We see so many opportunities in the intersection of cloud and embedded technologies that make up the Internet of Things. Hopefully we can help build a vibrant cluster for IoT in Oulu.”

“It has been great to help Domos to establish office in Oulu. Their current plan promises over 20 jobs in near future. And their ideas around IoT, has potential to provide growth platform for many Oulu based startups”; Janne Räsänen, CEO of Pepron, continues.

”Domos Labs brings markable software know how to Internet of Things ekosystem to Oulu. Domos Labs is talented operator in open gateway platform development and it has good connections to many brands globally,” comments director of BusinessOulu Juha Ala-Mursula.

Janne Räsänen, CEO,
mobile + 358 40 575 4595

Juha Ala-Mursula,
executive director,
mobile +358 40 559 7020