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CyberVille® - "See It at a Glance"!

CyberVille® -

CyberLightning's CyberVille is a strong and flexible software platform for visual monitoring and control of the data and the physical assets that comprise the Internet of Things (IoT/ M2M)). The end-to end data management and 3D visualization platform provides organizations with a strategic tool to control sensor and machine networks using a simple point-and-tap interface on any mobile device. The platform is targeted to energy sector, especially for wind farms, heating networks and smart grids. CyberVille will be integrated with CyberLightning's customers SCADA- and O&M -systems as a new functional layer, or as a parallel installation.

"A glance shows when something's wrong in the wind farm"! Rather than present just raw data and graphics, CyberVille visualises that information in a 3D model of the wind farm . The visualisation not only shows the operation of individual wind turbines, but also how their fan blades are rotating, with the data tied to its physical operation.

Consequently, the user don't need to be a specialist to notice when the blades are rotating at different speeds and if a fault is detected the 3D interface can be used to the power plant's its operation.

The whole 3D interface can be accessed through a browser from any device, including smartphones and tablets. In theory, a single engineer could manage the whole wind farm remotely through their mobile phone. Very effective and cool, isn't it?

And this is not all; the visualization of the physical wind farm etc. can be based on a geographic information system (GIS) data sets and they are automatically generated based on the information pulled from open map datasets, such as the NASA's services.
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P.S. Our CEO Ville Mickelsson's blog post "“See it at a Glance,” The New Era for the Industrial Internet of Things" is available here.