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BusinessOulu and FinnCham Oulu launch new collaboration

BusinessOulu and FinnCham Oulu launch new collaboration

BusinessOulu and the Oulu Chamber of Commerce have started a communications partnership that shows also in the reformed BusinessOulu newsletter.

Established in 1918 and thus celebrating its 100th anniversary, the Oulu Chamber of Commerce is a significant facilitator for regional economic life within the provinces of Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu. Currently, the Oulu Chamber of Commerce has approximately 1,400 members, of which nearly 90 per cent are enterprises of different fields. Other members include educational institutions, municipalities, associations and private persons.

The Oulu Chamber of Commerce offers companies different kinds of networking opportunities by arranging meetings, encounters and training sessions. The 100-year-old organisation also communicates to its members with an electronic bulletin 11 times a year.

Now BusinessOulu and the Oulu Chamber of Commerce are launching a new form of partnership that entails mutual communication about topical issues concerning economic life in the Oulu region. In the future, the BusinessOulu newsletter will include content provided by the Chamber of Commerce – and vice versa – on a regular basis. This allows us to reach our common target group more effectively and extensively than before.

At the same time, the BusinessOulu newsletter is reformed. The old layout gives way to a new one and, from now on, the newsletter will be published under the title Best News from Oulu. The actual news headlines are grouped in a slightly different manner, the intros condensed and some upcoming events listed in their own section. The reform has been made to improve readability and make it easier for the reader to find interesting articles by scrolling less.

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