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The 61st of the 100 acts from Oulu: Jaakko Hietamäki, whose first aid saved the life of heart attack victim Juha Ahola

Julkaistu 12.05.2014

The latest entry in the list of 100 acts from Oulu shows that there are still compassionate people in the world and that helping others can make a real difference. On April 2, 2014, Jaakko Hietamäki’s timely administration of first aid saved the life of Juha Ahola, who suffered a heart attack while out on a run. Jaakko Hietamäki’s exemplary conduct in the face of crisis has now been given the distinction of becoming number 61 of the 100 acts from Oulu.

34-year-old Ahola suffered a sudden illness during a run and Hietamäki, who happened to be passing by, administered first aid to Ahola until the ambulances and emergency helicopter arrived.Other people also stopped to help. Ahola was rushed to the hospital, where he was soon put on the operating table.

After recovering, Juha Ahola wanted to express his thanks and looked for his rescuer on Facebook. In just a few hours, Ahola’s message had been shared almost 6,000 times. Hietamäki also soon saw the message and agreed to meet up with Ahola, relieved by the fact that he had survived and recovered from his ordeal.

Hietamäki’s actions are an example of exemplary and heroic conduct in an effort to save another person’s life. It is a joy to see that people are still willing to help and care for one another. Taking others into consideration and helping those in need can only lead to good things.

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