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SKIIOT for the professional cross-country skier is the skier’s ultimate tool

Julkaistu 05.10.2015

An Oulu-based high tech company EXIOPS is preparing to launch the sales of a long awaited sports innovation. SKIIOT, a device the size of a match box, connects to the heel of the skier. It then collects and analyzes varied data of the conditions of the track and weather, the physical performance of the skier and the physics of the skiing techniques used.

The functional attributes of SKIIOT are derived from the needs and wants of two very specific target markets – the professional competitor and the active, recreational cross-country skiier.

SKIIOT for the professional cross-country skier is the skier’s ultimate tool for preparing for and performing in professional competitions and events. The varied data collected and analyzed by SKIIOT can then be accessed and utilized, in real time, by the skier and the skier’s coach. Multiple performances can be accessed and monitored in real time simultaneously. The collected data includes data of the skier’s physiology, the variation of anatomic variables affecting the skiing performance, the skier’s gps-location and of the changing weather- and track conditions.

SKIIOT for the recreational cross-country skiier - that’s reduced to the essentials in features - comes loaded with added value from the possibilities introduced by the easy-to-use, fully automatic excercise calendar and social media interconnectivity. Share the track conditions, alongside with the statistics of your performance, to your friends in the social media – help your friends to obtain the optimum skiing experience! Also see what your friends have shared and be well prepared to experience skiing like never before!

SKIIOT brings cross-country skiing to this century. No longer will you have to guess what to wear, what waxes to rub on, what techniques to use – SKIIOT helps beginners, novices and pros to find the perfect setup for certain conditions. So you can catch the ultimate cross-country skiing performance – and experience!

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