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Seeking for Business Opportunities in Japan for Bio, Drug, Diagnosis, Food and Medtech Industries

Julkaistu 18.04.2016

Business Delegation Trip to Japan in October 2016

Business Oulu organize the delegation trip and help your new entry or expand your business in Japanese market through 18th “Bio Japan 2016 –World Business Forum-“ in Yokohama, Kanagawa Japan, which is the largest biotech event in Asia. Biotech industry in Japan is getting bigger in recent years, therefore, now is the best timing to find out concrete business opportunities in Japan.

In addition, Kanagawa Prefectural Government cooperate to help the delegation to give more opportunities.
** City of Oulu and Kanagawa Prefectural Government signed MoU for Lifescience industry in Oct 2014.

Bio Japan 2016 – World Business Forum - :
12 (Wed)-14 (Fri) Oct at Pacifico Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
- The new exhibition, Regenerative Medicine Japan 2016, is co-located.

For the exhibitor list and report of the previous year, please visit;

Target company for this delegation trip;

Private companies which are related to the following categories and located in Pohjois-Pohjanmaa region including a company which has a branch office in this region.

  • Drug and drug discovery,
  • Drug discovery support and contract services,
  • Medical treatment diagnostics, and medical devices and equipments,
  • Food agriculture forestry, fisheries and livestock raising,
  • Chemical products and cosmetics,
  • Research devices, reagents, disposables and facilities

For the details, please visit to

Schedule: (9 to 15 October, 2016)

09.10 (Sun) Leave Oulu for Tokyo/Narita via Helsinki
10.10 (Mon) Arrive in Tokyo/Narita, move to Yokohama by public transportation (stay in Yokohama)
11.10 (Tue) Pre-event (TBD) and final preparation for Bio Japan (stay in Yokohama)
12.10 (Wed) Bio Japan 1st day, B to B meeting opportunities (stay in Yokohama)
13.10 (Thu) Bio Japan 2nd day, B to B meeting opportunities (stay in Yokohama)
14.10 (Fri) Bio Japan 3rd day, B to B meeting opportunities (stay in Yokohama)
15.10 (Sat) Leave Tokyo/Narita for Oulu via Helsinki (Arrive in the same day)

* It’s allowed to arrive in Japan earlier than 10.10 or leave Japan later than 15.10, but participating in pre-event and Tokyo Game Show for 4 full days must be needed.

Business Oulu offers the following items;

  1. Business Oulu shared booth (3m x 3m (1 booth))
    - In BO shared booth, companies don’t need to pay participation fee of exhibitor and booth construction cost, which means participation fee JPY 450,000 (ca 4200 euro, for 9m2) and construction fee (over 3500 euro) and more can be saved.
    - In case that many companies will join, the area of BO shared booth would be bigger such as 3m x 6m (2 booths).
  2. Booth construction cost for common use only and one JP-ENG interpreter (if needed)
    - Cost of your company own materials such as poster, flyer, give-away goods, delivery and other promoting/decorative items are not covered by Business Oulu.
  3. Cost for pre-event for common use only
  4. Arrange the whole program and take care of practical things for pre-event and Bio-Japan 2016
  5. Provide the travel information about Japan
  6. Provide practical supports during the delegation trip
  7. Accompanied by Business Oulu Takako Uchida (native Japanese speaker) with this delegation.

(Note) Business Oulu can’t give the direct financial support to companies.

Additional company benefits;

(1) 3 IDs are available (one shared booth) free of charge (first come, first served)
 ID holder can get the following services;

  1. Access to online match making system (,
  2. Use B to B meeting space at site,
  3. Take part in reception and networking party.

*If you can’t get a free ID, extra ID costs 60 000 JPY per ID.

Cost paid by participating companies;

Travel cost including flight and accommodation, domestic transportation, your company own materials and other own costs (e.g. foods, souvenirs, recreations etc.)
Estimated travel cost (9 to 15 Oct);
Total: ca 2100 euro

  • Flight (Oulu-Helsinki-Japan): ca 1000 euro
  • Accommodation: ca 120 euro/night/person (middle level in Yokohama) x 5 nights = 600 euro
     - In case of saving the travel cost, there are many budget hotels in Yokohama as the option.
  • Domestic transportation in Japan: ca 200 euro
  • Other own costs in Japan: ca 300 euro


Takako Uchida, Coordinator, International Affairs, Japan, Business Oulu (

Contact for more details;

Takako Uchida, Coordinator, International Affairs, Japan, Business Oulu (
Heidi Tikanmäki, Key Account Director, LifeScience, BusinessOulu (