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Rock and roll entrepreneur Marc Dillon appointed Asmo Solutions CEO

Julkaistu 04.02.2016

Oulu, Finland, February 4, 2016 - Today, Asmo Solutions announces that Jolla co-founder Marc Dillon will lead the Asmo Solutions company to deliver fast, safe, smart chargers to a global customer base.

Additionally, the company has officially opened a 1 million euro investment round.

Asmo Solutions Oy has innovated and patented a powerful charging technology that prevents wasted electricity and increases fire safety.

“It all started with a fire in the home of my Fiancee, which was traced to a faulty mobile charger” said Asmo Saloranta, founder of Asmo Solutions. “I was compelled to solve the problem, and found that by automatically disconnecting a charger when it is not in use, I could not only increase fire safety, I could also save wasted electricity.”

“I have scoured Finland for half a year looking for the best company to dedicate my experience and passion,” Marc Dillon continues, “Asmo has the right product, the right roadmap, and a great man behind it. I promise to deliver to those who have supported his cause.”

In summer of 2015, Asmo launched an Indiegogo campaign that brought nearly 1500 backers and ordered 3000 Asmo chargers. Over $90000 was raised from people around the world who believe in the product and want to support it.

The Indiegogo funding has been tripled so far with personal funds from Asmo, private investment, and government entrepreneurial funds from Tekes and ELY. All of the funding has gone toward R&D for the product. The new investment round will make the charger available for sale globally and create new products.

“We are currently finalizing the manufacturing and will announce the delivery date soon.” Saloranta added. “Up until now I have been working alone, now we have the team to deliver to our backers and customers.”

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