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Oulu-based Baby Tech Companies SEP Solutions and Kipuwex Sign a Joint Venture Agreement with China’s Mini Silicon Valley

Julkaistu 19.07.2018

Wednesday, 18th July, 2018
Oulu, Finland

Oulu-based baby tech companies SEP Solutions Oy (Onni Care) and Kipuwex Oy have signed a joint venture agreement with China’s Mini Silicon Valley to create a new IoT solution for MiNiSV’s Baby Platform.

Building on SEP Solutions’ baby monitoring and baby tracking technology and Kipuwex’ pain+ detection technology, the planned joint venture solution targets both consumers and hospitals.

The joint venture agreement significantly accelerates SEP Solutions’ and Kipuwex’s access to the vast Chinese market enabling both companies to leverage the impressive infrastructure and resources made available through the Yangzi Investment Group and the Yangzi Sci-Tech Innovation Centre in connection of the MiNiSV collaboration.

“This joint venture opens up very exciting opportunities for SEP Solutions in a vast, growing market with rapidly changing consumer-spending habits and an ever-increasing need for effective, inter-connected healthcare solutions, but perhaps most importantly, the collaboration validates us as an innovative albeit small, family-owned company striving to make a difference and equip parents with tools that support good parenting, says Erasmus van Niekerk, Founder and CEO of SEP Solutions.

“This joint venture enables us to conjointly develop world-leading healthcare solutions both for home users and for hospital use while opening up tremendous new opportunities in China”, adds Marko Höynälä, the Founder and CEO of Kipuwex.

“It has been a very exciting journey to witness Kipuwex’s and SEP Solutions’ integration into the MiNiSV China-Europe Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. My special thanks to Chairman of MiNiSV Prof. Kevin Liu who has been instrumental in combining ‘second level innovation’ for both of these Finnish companies in enhancing the first level innovations to be complimented with Chinese side for mutual overall success. We are currently in the middle of building our first prototype targeting Chinese consumer and industrial markets.” commented John Meewella, CEO of MiNiSV Nanjing, China.

The joint venture was officially agreed among: Chairman Prof. Kevin Liu & CEO Prof. John Meewella of MiNiSV Holding Ltd, Nanjing, China, SEP Solutions’ Founder and CEO Erasmus van Niekerk, Founder and COO Satu Niemelä and Kipuwex’ Founder and CEO Marko Höynälä.