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Online Chinese Learning launched by Oulu-based FinnOppi

Julkaistu 24.06.2020

The Oulu-based company FinnOppi, known for their award-winning educational travel experiences, is introducing a new product with online Chinese courses.

China is a very influential and culturally rich country. Mandarin Chinese is spoken as a first language by over 900 million people, which makes it the second most spoken language in the world, second only to English. China’s influence on the global economy is also growing, which is why speaking the language can be an irreplaceable asset to your future career, studies, or business activities.

“As the cooperation between Finland and China increases, there is more and more demand and needs for Chinese language and culture learning in Finland ” says Yujin Lin, the CEO and Founder of FinnOppi.

“FinnOppi is bringing an easy and systematic way of learning Chinese, to enable any person to learn Chinese anytime anywhere real -time online. Most importantly, our teaching method is fully learner-centered and inspiring. The learner can learn Chinese based on their own pace and schedule.”

FinnOppi offers real time one-on-one Chinese online teaching. Taught by qualified and certified Chinese teachers across the borders, the courses are made easy to take anywhere, anytime. Every course plan is designed for the learner’s specific needs and schedule, and there are a variety of options to customize your Chinese course. There are many course packages to choose from, for example Daily Chinese, Chinese as a Heritage Language, Business Chinese, HSK Pre Courses, Chinese for Adoptive Families and Chinese Culture. The courses can also be tailor made to fit learner’s personal needs or the organization’s needs.

The courses take place on an online learning platform which is reliable and easy to use. The platform allows for both the teacher and the learner to utilize multiple tools, such as a whiteboard, screen sharing , video sharing and file sharing.

The teaching methods are also effective. Teaching one -on-one allows the teacher to focus on the learner’s specific needs and interests in learning, as well as consider the learner’s age, Chinese language level and learning style. The course packages also include a free trial lesson where the learners can get familiarized with the course, learning platform and plan their personal learning schedule and goals with their teachers.

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FinnOppi is an Oulu-based AA-credited company specialized in Finnish Chinese educational and cultural co -operation. The company provides authentic, sustainable educational travel solutions, online educational consulting services and is launching online Chinese courses.