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Moscow Challenges / Moscow looks for the innovative urban solutions

Julkaistu 26.08.2014

The City of Moscow is starting to use new tools in order to assist in finding and introducing advanced innovative solutions to pressing problems: open international requests. The program is implemented by the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship in Moscow and the Center for Innovative Development of Moscow and they invite companies to participate in it by providing their proposals and technological solutions towards existing list of “challenges”.

This tool gives the access to a wide range of innovative technologies from around the world. Afterwards, the selected solutions will be providing the needs of the executive authorities of Moscow in the new, efficient technologies for the needs of its urban economy. The pilot implementation of the most promising solutions will be occurring in multiple locations around the city.

More information for each request is available below:
1. Effective ways of informing citizens about cultural initiatives in New Moscow – open for application until 23.10.2014

2. Enhancing developmental opportunities for children in Moscow parks – open until 30.10.2014

3. Improving pedestrian safety at road crossings – open until 08.10.2014

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