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Maps, shopping assistants and drones - 5GFWD Competition Winners Selected

Julkaistu 10.05.2016

The 5GFWD competition for innovations utilising superfast, wireless 5G technology attracted a total of nearly 100 competition proposals from all around the world to Oulu, Finland. The expert jury has now selected the winners for all four competition categories.

The category winners in the competition are:

  • category: Health Goes 5G!: Mikko Mäkinen, Kala Product: Reusable Radio & Power Module.
  • category: Easy Living and Working!: Matti Viitala: Oulu from above – Intelligent Drone Network for Experiencing and Sharing Experiences
  • category: Shopping Frenzy!: Teemu Kanstrén, KaTe Solutions & Consulting: Smart Shopping Assistant
  • category: Daily Life Security!: Tiina Hokkanen: Rich Coordinates.

”The competition proposals showed a huge variety of approaches to the future that 5G enables. Another wonderful thing was that we got so much international attention already on our first year,” says 5GFWD Producer Hanna Mattila of BusinessOulu.

”We wanted to see visions for the future, and that is what we got: for example safety-improving navigation, smart shopping and flying camera drones,” Mattila explains.

Grand Prix winner will be selected in June

The winner of the competition’s Grand Prix – and 10 000 euros – will be revealed at the competition gala on 9 June in connection with the Midnight Pitch Fest. Now the category winners battling it out for the main prizes have a few weeks to make their proposals even better.

The competition is arranged by Lähi-Tapiola, Nokia and the City of Oulu together with their partners, and the organisers have already reached their goals. A total of 100 000 people visited the web pages of the new competition in just over a month.

”We received nearly a hundred innovations made by participants from Singapore to the United States. The competition has, for its part, strengthened Oulu’s status as the global centre of radio technology and 5G development,” says BusinessOulu Executive Director Juha Ala-Mursula contently.

”The competition proposals contain many ideas worth developing, and the enterprises and organisations that presented the challenges are certainly eager to discuss these further with the competitors.”

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