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HILLA is Identifying and Turning Research and Innovations from Oulu to Global High-technology Market

Julkaistu 10.02.2016

The key target of Hilla program in Oulu - Capital Of Northern Scandinavia - is to identify important research and business problems from the markets, turn research and innovations to relevant and actionable high-technology market offerings by the companies; backed up by the joint creation of critical mass, utilization of fitted business models and differentiation from shared know-how and assets.

Hilla has two main goals. The first goal of the program is to pilot, create and develop a new agile, industry demand-driven model that is able to accelerate research to business (leverage and differentiation) and create a setting, where companies can better complement each other (new business models) and utilize the outcomes of research in a more market-focused way (speed of innovation deployment, identification of markets, customers and channels). The second goal is to create and invest in execution driven, market-savvy spearhead projects by deeper integration of value adding research, smart specialization of companies and high-technology assets that combined are able to produce competitive offerings to global markets and extract value to all participants in the forms of growth, revenue and relevant innovations.

Hilla treats all efforts (e.g. expertise, know-how, assets & tools, operating models, ways of working) as a chain of networked investments that are pre-planned, measured and aimed to bring higher returns to its’ participants in a much faster pace than before. Hilla is a national effort, coordinated by UO, VTT and OUAS.

Hillla program was started in February, 2015, as a planned 5 year special joint effort of Tekes, University of Oulu (UO), VTT, Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OUAS), Business Oulu (BO) and growth eligible companies from ICT and pre-selected industries.

Contact person: Jaakko Sauvola, director, HILLA