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Chinese VC’s: Fantastec 3rd most attractive Finnish company

Julkaistu 13.12.2011

Fantastec was nominated 3rd most attractive Finnish tech company by Chinese venture capitalists at China Finland VC investment event, at Zero 2 IPO Annual Forum held on 7-8.12.2011 in Beijing, China. Zero 2 IPO Forum presented most promising Finnish companies pre-selected by Golden Bridge and Finnish investors. The forum was organized by Zero 2 IPO Group and Golden Bridge. Zero 2 IPO is a leading service provider in the China venture capital and private equity industry. Golden Bridge helps Chinese investors by matching the investors with most potential investment targets. Golden Bridge is supported by Chinese ministry of finance and Finnish ministry of economy and employment. 

Chinese investors appreciated especially Fantastec’s unique approach which combines games and educational aspects. Chinese gaming markets are growing fast and Chinese families and educators are looking for beneficial solutions which help them to raise their child well.

Fantastec is a Finnish game company, whose Polar Heroes children’s game world will soon conquer the world on the Internet and in mobile equipments. Polar Heroes is a fun and exciting virtual playground appealing to children and their parents alike. It is an edutainment (education + entertainment) style online game world where children play games and achieve hero skills – and learn new things in fun way. The games teach several skills like math, languages, creativity and social skills. Due to the unique player development assessment tool, parents can monitor their children’s progress.

Polar Heroes is currently at beta development stage. Watch the Polar Heroes trailer at

Fantastec is currently looking for investment of 0,5-1M euros. For more details, please contact:
Juha Väisänen, Fantastec, CEO, tel +358 (0) 41 4355 788, email
Harri Länsipuro, Technopolis, Advisor, +358 (0) 50 3367713 , email