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31st of Oulu's '100 Acts': The New oulu is worth celebrating

Julkaistu 02.01.2013

There will be cause for celebration in 2013, as the first day of the new year will see the founding of a new municipality, Oulu. At the same time, Oulu will become the fifth largest city in Finland. The celebration year for the New Oulu will be filled with events big and small, so everyone will have a chance to take part in the festivities!

On 28 June 2010, the municipalities of Haukipudas, Kiiminki, Oulu, Oulunsalo and Yli-Ii agreed to change their municipal boundaries. As a result, these municipalities will cease to exist on December 31, 2012 and merge into a new municipality on January 1, 2013. The total number of inhabitants in the new joint municipality will come to approximately 186,000.

The birthday of the new municipality will be celebrated throughout 2013. The celebration year program includes three major events as well as numerous smaller events. Over the fall, young people's workshops have been making celebration year products, and a celebration year program magazine was distributed to every local household in mid-December. The goal is to promote people’s sense of community, especially by including young people in the celebration year events.

The three main events of the celebration year will be the celebration year opening ceremony at the baseball stadium, the humorous commissioned play “Uusi Oulu” (New Oulu), which will be performed at Oulu Hall, and the Festival of Light, which will be held in fall 2013.

Celebration year opening ceremony at the baseball stadium

The New Oulu celebration year will start with a bang on New Year’s Eve with the opening ceremony, which will start at 8 PM at the Raksila baseball stadium. The event will be suitable for the whole family, offering a carnival atmosphere, fire art, circus performances and a performance by a grand choir. The event also includes a performance by Daniel Helakorpi, winner of the Talent competition. The evening will be capped by a stunning fireworks display.
Earlier in the evening before the main celebration, regional events in Kiiminki, Haukipudas, Oulunsalo and Yli-Ii will celebrate the regions’ local identities.

There’s still time to join the volunteer bank!

You can also take part in the festivities by helping with the organization of events as a volunteer. The celebration year volunteer bank will be accepting volunteers throughout the year. Those who sign up will be offered various assignments, from which they can freely choose the ones they’re interested in the most.

For more information, please contact: celebration year producer Heli Metsäpelto, tel. +358 44 703 7554,

The 100 Actions program brings Oulu area municipalities together and gives everyone the opportunity to highlight small and large actions that take the area forward and bring joy to the population. Take a look at the 100 Actions program and enter your own project or candidate at