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19.07.2018 klo 15:09

Oulu-based Baby Tech Companies SEP Solutions and Kipuwex Sign a Joint Venture Agreement with China’s Mini Silicon Valley

Oulu-based baby tech companies SEP Solutions Oy (Onni Care) and Kipuwex Oy have signed a joint venture agreement with China’s Mini Silicon Valley to create a new IoT solution for MiNiSV’s Baby Platform.

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06.06.2018 klo 14:00

Admescope has acquired MetaSafe AB

Admescope Ltd, a pre-clinical ADME-Tox service provider today announced the acquisition of MetaSafe AB, a company specialised in the field of metabolic biotransformation research.

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17.05.2018 klo 13:30

We see no other solution, Arctic Airlink announces

After flight operator NextJet declared bankruptcy on Wed 16 May, the board of Arctic Link AB announce that the flight connection on the route Luleå – Oulu – Tromsö has no possibility of continuing.

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17.05.2018 klo 08:30

Technology innovations tested in Oulu Dance Hack this Summer

Oulu Dance Hack is an annual research and performance event that combines new technology and the moving body, bringing dance and media artists from all over the world to Oulu.

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07.05.2018 klo 12:06

Finland’s Official Eurovision Grandstand in Oulu

People in Oulu gather for the Eurovision Song Contest final in the Summer Street of Shopping Centre Valkea – greet Europe with us on May 12th!

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