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Sapporo Night 2020 – Networking Party with Capital of Northern Japan

  • Alkaa: 22.01.2020

The City of Sapporo, so-called Capital of Northern Japan, belonging to Hokkaido where is the most Northern region in Japan like Finland in Japan would like to invite you to join an interesting event “Sapporo Night 2020” to get to know about the town of Sapporo, business in Sapporo, and meet with companies & people coming from Sapporo.

Event information:

  • Schedule: 22 January 2020 (Wed) at 18:00 to 20:00
  • Venue: Kuvernööri Banquet, Lapland Hotel Oulu (Kirkkokatu 3, 90100 Oulu)
  • Dress code: Casual to Business Casual
  • Participation fee: Free (Registration necessary)

** Dinner buffet and some drink coupons will be served, but the number of coupons are limited, so you may need to pay extra money for beverages and alcohol drinks depending on situation.

Why attend?
In Sapporo, business with Asian countries has developed for many years, now, City of Sapporo is willing to encourage a gate for European market by making a closer relationship with Finland, where is the closest European country of Japan, specifically Sapporo. In this event, City of Sapporo and ICT companies will give you valuable and interesting information. The event will provide an opportunity to expand your network to Japan, make new contacts and business leads in a relaxing mood. Any kinds of organizations and companies are welcome.

Registration link:
(Note) The capacity of the event is limited, therefore, the participation registration is closed when it reaches to the limitation.


18:00 Door open
18:15 Start the event (start to eat and drink)
18:20 Introduction of Sapporo by City of Sapporo
18:40 Toast speech by City of Sapporo
19:00 Company presentation x 3 companies from Sapporo
- 19:00 1st presentation (Suncreer:
- 19:10 2nd presentation (Media Magic:
- 19:20 3rd presentation (Inter Park:
19:30 Continue networking
20:00 End of the event

Organizer: Sapporo IT Industry Global Expansion Promotion Executive Committee
Co-organizer: BusinessOulu
Cooperator: City of Sapporo, JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization), Sapporo Electronics and Industries Cultivation Foundation

Facts about Sapporo:
City of Sapporo is the capital city of Hokkaido with 5 million habitants located in the most Northern area in Japan. The population of Sapporo is about 2.5 million, which is the 5th largest city in Japan and the city has one of the leading Japanese universities, Hokkaido University founded in 1876.

Sapporo attracts plenty of Japanese and foreign tourists, because there are dynamic nature and mountains, lovely parks, delicious local foods, drink and sweets, beautiful four seasons’ landscapes, white powder snow, and local events such as snow festival. The number of tourists increases year by year, especially coming from overseas.

In business scene of Hokkaido, agriculture, fishery and tourism industries have big portion. From the past few decades, Sapporo City has been gradually focused on developing ICT industry and recently Sapporo declared “STARTUP CITY SAPPORO” in order to build start-up ecosystem.

As the unique event, NoMaps (Sapporo Creative Convention) is organized every October in Sapporo using open public spaces and inside buildings to create new values, new culture and new society combining with advanced technologies and innovative idea through many varieties of contents co-created by companies, academic fields, and local municipalities (beyond-organization-cooperation). Sapporo would like much more foreign organizations to join in NoMaps, aiming that it will be the world-wide known event and foreigners will be ecosystem members in Sapporo.

From 15 December 2019, Finnair starts the new direct flight route between Helsinki and Sapporo operating throughout the year. The flight time is 9 hours, which is the shortest among other destinations in Japan. In addition, Sapporo has many domestic flight connections, so accessing to other towns in Japan from Finland via Sapporo is an excellent option.

For more details and questions, please contact to:
Takako Uchida, Coordinator, International Affairs, Japan, BusinessOulu