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Making Hybrid Work work – how to lead in the hybrid era?

  • Alkaa: 16.12.2022


The past couple of years have pushed organizations through an unprecedented transformation. This transformation is not standing still, instead our concept of work is in constant motion. Needless to say, new leadership practices are needed to excel in this new era of hybrid work.

One thing is clear: We’re not the same people that went home to work in early 2020. The collective experience of the years has left a lasting imprint, fundamentally changing how we define the role of work in our lives.

During the session we will look at global research by Microsoft to understand what leadership looks like in the hybrid era and try to answer questions like:

  • How have employees' priorities shifted since the start of the pandemic?
  • Hybrid work is just work. Are we doing it wrong?
  • How to find the balance between leadership and employee expectations?
  • How do the employees' and leaders' views of productivity differ and what can you do about it?

Registration: https://www.lyyti.in/TechnopolisWorkplaceTalksMicrosoft

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