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Innovation Leaders Summit 2022

  • Alkaa: 20.10.2021

Generally speaking about Japanese market entry, it’s extremely hard to reach out to Japanese major corporations. If you are willing to collaborate with Japanese major corporations and look for VCs, Innovation Leaders Summit (ILS) is one of the best gateways and the event gives business meeting opportunities for collaboration matching between start-ups and 120+ Japanese major corporations called “Power Matching” or 20+ VCs called “VC Matching”. Besides, most of meeting partners of Japan are decision makers, so this enables to accelerate business processes.

BusinessOulu and Business Finland Tokyo work together to support participating start-ups for preparation to ILS.

Are you interested in ILS 2022?

Please carefully check more information below and contact BusinessOulu for your entry.

Deadline for the entry:

Email to BusinessOulu Takako Uchida ( no later than 20 Oct in 2021 (Wed)

 (NOTE) After your entry will be finally approved by ILS organizer, ILS organizer will email start-ups. The start-ups need to completely fill out a company information registration, which takes at least half day, and get a participation package by 24 Nov 2021 at 4:59 AM in Finnish time in order to start meeting requests and arrangements. If you fail, your participation is invalid.

Requirements for the entry:

(1)    Start-up companies in any kinds of industries, but “tech start-ups” are preferable.

(2)    Start-ups should be interested in Japanese market or want to expand market share.  

(3)    Start-ups willing to “collaboration”. (e.g.) tech, product development, R&D or sales collaboration etc.

(4)    Your decision-maker or an equivalent person can join meetings. 

 (Note) Start-ups willing to just sell products or services, listed companies and consulting companies are not eligible for entry.

Benefits for participating start-ups in Northern Ostrobothnia region:

The benefits below are only for start-ups which have an office including a branch or a sales office in Northern Ostrobothnia region.  

If more than 3 start-ups in Northern Ostrobothnia region will make an entry, BusinessOulu covers;

(1) fee of participation for either “basic package” or “basic package + pitching” and,

(2) fee of a JP-ENG interpreter (22 000 JPY per meeting) arranged through ILS matching system, but in case that an interpreter is needed for meetings, “first of all”, please ask Japanese major corporations to arrange an interpreter by Japan side. Arranged by a start-up should be the final option and minimized.

(NOTE 1) If start-ups pay the above fees by themselves, BusinessOulu can’t pay them back to the start-ups. 

(NOTE 2) BusinessOulu may not cover some of the interpreter fees, when reaching to our limitation.

Innovation Leaders Summit 2022 basic information:

Official website:, Hybrid collaboration matching fair for 2022 


(1)    Power matching and VC matching meetings:
- Online meeting: 1 to 15 February in 2022 (except Sat, Sun and 11 Feb)
- Face-to-Face meeting at site: 16 to 18 February in 2022 at Tranomon Hills in Tokyo

(2)    Start-up Pitches (option):
-  Live streaming: 7 to 10 February in 2022
-  Video on demand: 22 February to 14 March in 2022

** Your pitching will be recorded during 6 Dec to 21 Jan.

<Participation and other fees> ** All prices include 10% tax.

(1)    Basic package (Power matching & VC matching meetings by online and Face-to-face): 16 500 JPY
(2)    With Pitch package (Power matching & VC matching meetings by online and Face-to-face + pitch): 88 000 JPY
(3)    JP-ENG interpretation arranged through ILS: 22 000 JPY per meeting

<Information about meeting>

  • Start-ups, Japanese major corporations and VCs can send max 20 meeting requests.
  • One meeting time takes 50 min for online and 40 min for face-to-face at site.

<Other useful information>

  • Average meeting numbers to be arranged for foreign start-ups are 3.
  • In case that start-ups fitting all of 2 requirements below can cancel within the cancellation period (planned Jan 13th - Jan 17th)

1) Companies who have sent 5 or more business meeting requests for POWER MATCHING or VC MATCHING
2) Companies with no business meeting arranged for POWER MATCHING or VC MATCHING

Contact person:

Takako Uchida
Senior Advisor, International Affairs, Japan, BusinessOulu (Go Global - Invest and Export Oulu - )
+358 50 375 7948