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EIC accelerator workshop

  • Alkaa: 14.10.2020

Aika: 14.10.2020 10:00 - 14:00
Paikka: BusinessAsema, Telesali

Register by 11.10.2020 16:00:

The workshop will offer useful information on the world’s biggest and most prestigious programme financed by European Commission, which facilitates commercialization of new solutions. SME instrument will be renowated for upcoming calls for two-phase programme. Come and find out how to apply for the funding to develop your innovative ideas into marketable products or services.

Mr Silver Toomla from Invent Baltics will offer his expertise on the topic during the workshop. Mr Toomla represents a consultancy firm assisting technology companies and R&D organisations to secure funding from the EIC Accelerator Pilot (SME instrument). He has already guided many companies though with projects worth more than 2 million euros.

Topics of the day

  • Module 1 (introduction of the Accelerator programme under Horizon Europe - general overview of the programme and proposed changes, evaluation criteria's and process)
  • Module 2 (how to package your development plans - how to set-up your workplan in order to show the necessary impact of the project, how to budget your activities, TRL 8 / TRL 9, grant vs equity)
  • Module 3 (the interview – process and preparation)
  • Module 4 (our experience in presenting these projects – what have we learned and where have we failed, success examples)

The free of charge event will be held in English and is arranged as part of the Raising EU expertise project financed by the Council of Oulu Region.