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Do PropTech and sustainability have the potential to change the future of real estate?

  • Alkaa: 11.06.2020

11.6.2020 klo 10-12

Sustainability is becoming more and more of a risk or an opportunity for real estate owners in a world where climate change, the scarcity of raw materials and changing public consensus all have an increasing impact. The real estate industry consumes some 40% of all raw materials and energy globally and is responsible for more than 30% of carbon dioxide emissions. Consumers, investors and regulators are beginning to demand and expect sustainable solutions from the built environment operators.

In this webinar, we will examine some cutting-edge, market-ready solutions and technologies, which are driving the real estate and construction industry towards increased awareness and levels of sustainability across the entire construction value chain from design through building operation. We will also explore how more mature companies are adapting and using these opportunities in their businesses.

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