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BusinessOulu update/discussion on international activities during Corona


Time: 2 April 2020, 10:00–11:00
Place: Teams meeting - Liity Microsoft Teams -kokoukseen

Join the meeting and hear what is going on in different market areas. Experts from BusinessOulu will be presenting short country statuses from business point of view. We also wish for you to give your insights on business status in different industries and market areas that you are working on.


  • Short briefing about the business situation in different target market areas:
    - Sweden, Norway, Germany, Russia, Japan, Kazakhstan and China
  • Situation with fairs, delegations, B2B-meetings
  • Future plans for keeping up networks, contacts and potential clients
  • Hopes and wishes
  • Q & A session

The following people will be present:

Jukka Olli, Sweden
Maja Terning, Norway
Johanna Kamunen, Norway and DigiAIE project
Sanna Savolainen, AIE and Sweden-Finland Export project
Takako Uchida, Japan
Nico Rahm, Germany
Maria Melnikova, Russia
Lauri Tammi, China (MingleAdvisors China)
Petri Karinen, Kazakhstan (Head of International Activities)

More information:

Petri Karinen
Head of International Affairs
+358 44 7031360