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Industry and cleantech

Strong industries in the Oulu region include metal, construction, food and chemical industries. Additionally, Oulu is a pioneer in the cleantech sector, which is one of the fastest growing sectors in Oulu. Strong ICT expertise of Oulu region is utilized in many different Cleantech applications including Smart energy, resource efficiency and emissions control solutions.

Oulu is located in the middle of major Northern European Cleantech and industrial investments. Biggest investment sectors are e.g. energy and construction investments. Oulu region is the most significant hub of wind power construction in Finland. The largest single investment in Finland in the next few years is the Fennovoima nuclear power plant being built in Hanhikivenniemi, Pyhäjoki. The project will have major impact on the economy of the region, particularly on the coastal area of the Central and Northern Ostrobothnia.

BusinessOulu, in collaboration with its partners is supporting companies in Oulu region to get involved in these major investments. BusinessOulu organizes annually the most significant industrial event of the entire Northern Finland, TeollisuusSummit. In TeollisuusSummit event companies have the possibility to find new partnerships and strengthen company network in order to maximize participation in these major investment projects.



Oulu is the world’s fastest-growing ICT product development city where radio technology took its most significant leaps forward. Oulu-based expertise cut the wires off the handsets. Today, around 60% of the wireless traffic of whole world is transmitted using the technology originally developed in Oulu.

Equal competence and agility is hard to find anywhere else in the world. Where else would you be able to develop an idea into a fully functional product in just three months?

During the past two years, the ecosystem of the industry has changed into a hub of tens of global product development units.

Life Sciences (biotechnology, health and wellbeing)

We develop new pharmaceutical substances and their production technologies, competitive rapid diagnostics and medical technology, improve food safety technology and food traceability, and develop solutions related to the sustainable use of natural resources. We make extensive use of wireless and other ICT expertise in our LifeScience solutions.

The OuluHealth ecosystem is a significant cluster in the healthcare sector in Finland. It is responsible for coordinating the Future Health theme on a national level under the Innovative Cities program of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

Creative industries

Oulu brings the media and mobile games to the world. Millions of euros from exports, game downloads and pairs of eyes staring at air guitar heroes tell the same success story. People in Oulu know how to take care of things in their own unique way – and with impressive results.

Creativity is the underlying resource in many industries. Creative experts lend support to Oulu-based business by producing more entertaining content, better services, stronger brands and unforgettable experiences.


Trade and services

Kivisydän, an underground parking facility excavated below the heart of Oulu, makes the city center more accessible, streamlines new investments in shopping centers and business premises, and attracts new shops to Oulu. In addition to the city center, the shopping centers in the south and north side of the city and specialty trade areas attract customers not only from the nearby regions, but also from other parts of Finland and from the northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Russia.

The population of the area, the increasing purchasing power and the vibrant economy all create excellent conditions for the development of trade and services. Commerce and consumer services already employ nearly 15,000 people in the Oulu region. A number of internationally successful online commerce companies also operate in Oulu.


Some 700 to 800 companies operate in the transport and logistics sector in the Oulu region serving the needs of business and tourism and export and import traffic not only in Oulu but in the entire Barents Region. The logistics and transport sector employs around 4,400 people in the Oulu region.

The largest export and import port for unitized goods in the Bothnian Bay and the hub of land transports is located in Oritkari, Oulu. The area brings together the flows of sea, road and railway traffic.

The flow of goods of the northern commerce, e-commerce, industry and private consumers is also provided for by the terminals on the north and south side and the logistics companies operating in the area.


Oulu is Finland’s fifth largest tourist city and a major northern tourist resort where as many as 60% of the visitors are leisure tourists. The city attracts visitors even from further away with its shops and services and vivid cultural and recreational offerings. The Nallikari area near the city is an internationally renowned summer attraction.

Oulu’s strengths lie in good traffic connections and its high-quality and versatile accommodation and other service offerings. For many adventure-seeking visitors, Oulu is the last stop before the wilderness, the Arctic Gateway to the northern nature, experiences and tourist resorts. The nearest adventure trip attractions are located in a less than two hours’ drive from Oulu.

As a university city, Oulu is also an attractive conference city. Oulu Convention Bureau maintains a conference calendar, markets Oulu to meeting and conference organizers and assists in finding the correct partners.
More than 150 companies receive the majority of their revenue from tourism, in particular those engaged in the retail trade, hotels, restaurant and catering services, transport services and entertainment services.

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