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More than 100 new companies are established in Oulu annually. During its first year of operation, Business Kitchen baked 30 ideas into running businesses. In five years, Yritystakomo has served as the starting platform for more than 70 companies. Not only the companies and success stories but also the active networks serve as indicators of Oulu’s active business culture.

Get more acquainted with Oulu’s start-up community and make use of the Yritystakomo network of fellow entrepreneurs, the Business Kitchen service – a living room shared by students and entrepreneurs – and BusinessOulu’s Finnish Business Hubs and comprehensive services for start-up companies.

Business Kitchen

Business Kitchen is a joint startup centre of the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences, which seeks to promote student and researcher-driven entrepreneurship. Business Kitchen also helps companies to refine their business ideas and develop their business operations with the support of its wide range of services. Also, it brings the competence and expertise of university students closer to companies. An important part of its operations is the OuluES (Oulu Entrepreneurship Society), an open community of students interested in entrepreneurship.

Butterfly Ventures

Butterfly Ventures Oy is an Oulu-based company specialized in the development of early-stage start-up companies and the management of capital investment funds investing in them. Butterfly Ventures Oy has offices in Oulu and Helsinki.

Kielo Growth

Kielo Business Incubator for Garage Startups

Kielo Growth is an incubator company for startups with hardware prototyping requirements. Typically these companies start from home garages or university laboratories. This is why Kielo is seen as a ”garage incubator”.

To accelerate member startups, Kielo provides premises, facilities, business services, seed funding, business advisors, networking opportunities, and startup community. Kielo builds on both knowledge of seasoned business experts in the Kielo staff and the shared knowledge pool of member companies. The goal is to build new international success stories in the Oulu region. Hot topics at Kielo are Cybersecurity, UAVs and drones, Robotics, Sensors, Measurement devices, Embedded, Games and Gamification.

Njetwork Inn

Njetworking is a community of companies offering office and open work space in Oulu city centre. The premises also have sauna facilities and a fireplace room. Members of the Njetworking community may network with the help of Njetworking both at a local level and internationally in London.

Njetworking also arranges events such as Socializing Friday and Mobile Monday.


Starttaamo is a community of high-tech start-up entrepreneurs that accelerates the creation and growth of new innovations and companies. The community is a non-profit background organization that serves as a platform for interaction between companies, for the promotion of entrepreneurship and for other activities supporting entrepreneurship.

Behind Starttaamo are experienced startup entrepreneurs and product developers. Starttaamo operates in shared and open facilities near Oulu city centre. The facilities accommodate more than ten startup companies and several temporary operators. Operations are currently being expanded and new active people and companies are invited to join.

Starttaamo is the first community of entrepreneurs that develops and supports start-up entrepreneurship and the creation and growth of companies.

Hannu Hiltunen

Hannu Hiltunen

Advisor, Business Development and Financing

+358 44 703 1394

Helena Poukkanen

Helena Poukkanen

Community Manager

+358 44 703 1656