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Oulu Convention Bureau

An impartial partner for meeting, conference or event organisers

We provide scientists, organisations and companies with a free-of-charge expert service in organising a meeting or conference in Oulu.

Arranging a conference, meeting or event in the city calls for an intensive marketing effort. We will assist you in the conference application and planning processes, in finding suitable facilities, and in establishing contacts with the city organisation, research and training communities and the network of service providers.

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Services of the Oulu Convention Bureau

  • Information about Oulu as a venue for meetings, conferences and events
  • Assistance in establishing a cooperation network with the city organisation and the network of service providers
  • Arrangement consultation
  • Surveying and preliminary booking of facilities, accommodation and transport
  • Planning assistance
  • Visiting tours for international conference organisers
  • Preliminary cost estimate
  • Bid book
  • Marketing materials
  • Congress calendar
  • Assistance in marketing the event

Congress Calendar


29.1.2015 Northern Service Day 2015. Organizers: Finnish Service Alliance, Business Oulu, City of Oulu, University of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, University of Lapland and VTT. Venue: Oulu City Theatre

19.3.-22.3.2015 Barents Press Annual Meeting. Number of Participants: 130

4.-6.5.2015 The Smart City Seminar "Intelligent Community Development and Smart Market Creation". Venue: University of Oulu

14.-16.5. 2015 24th Biennial NAAS Conference on American Studies. Organizer: University of Oulu Venue: University of Oulu

22.-26.5.2015 NOPHO – Nordic Society for Paediatric Haematology and Oncology. Number of participants: 200. Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel

1.6.2015-5.6.2015 euRathlon/SHERPA Summer School 2015. Organizer: University of Oulu, University of Bologna

8.6.2015 7th International Open Ubiquitous City Seminar 2015

8.-12.6.2015 16th International Congress On Circumpolar Health. Organizer: Thule Institute, University of Oulu. Venue: Hotelli-ravintola Lasaretti

8.-13.6.2015 6th International UBI Summer School 2015

9.-10.6.2015 Systems Integration 2015. Organizer: IVAM/PrintoCent Venue: VTT

11.-12.6.2015 Midnight Pitch Fest. Venue: Oulu City Theatre

15.-18.6.2015 ISARC'2015. Number of participants: 300. Organizers: University of Oulu, and Suomen rakennusinsinöörien liitto ry. Venue: University of Oulu

9-12.8.2015 38th Information Systems Research Conference in Scandinavia (IRIS38) Number of participants: 120. Organizer: University of Oulu

9-12.8.2015 6th Scandinavian Conference on Information Systems (SCIS 2015) Number of participants: 120. Organizer: University of Oulu

17.-21.8.2015 XII International Congress for Finno-Ugric Studies. Number of participants: 450. Organizers: University of Oulu and Giellagas-institute

25.-27.8.2015 IFAC MMM 2015 - The 4th Workshop on Mining, Mineral and Metal Processing 80 Finnish Society of Automation & University of Oulu. Venue: Hotel & Restaurant Lasaretti

27.8.2015 Northern Glow. Venue: SuperPark Oulu

3-6.9.2015 13th European Geoparks Conference. Organizer: Rokua Geopark. Venue: Oulu City Theatre

28.-29.9.2015 Global Forum 2015. Number of participants: 300 Organizer: ITEMS International / Oulun kaupunki Venue: Oulun kaupunginteatteri

30.9.-1.10.2015 The 4th International Seminar, MCMD and MPMM 2015. Venue: POHTO

12.10.-15.10.2015 9th International Crisis Management Workshop (CriM’15) and Oulu Winter School. Venue: University of Oulu, Linnanmaa

14.-15.10.2015 TeollisuusSummit Oulu

14.-15.10.2015 10th Barents Industrial Partnership meeting Number of participants: 100
BEAC Barents Euro-Arctic Council Venue: Hotel Scandic

20.10.2015 Test Bed Facilities for Health Innovation. Venue: Oulu University Hospital

27.-28.10.2015 Thule Science Days 2015 – Research on the Change in the North Venue: University of Oulu

17.-18.11.2015 FIMECC 8th Annual Seminar. Organizer: FIMECC Ltd. Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel



11.2.2016 Fulbright Arctic Symposium. Number of participants: 300. Venue: Linnanamaa Campus area, Saalastinsali

16.-17.5.2016 SMARTCOM 2016 Finland - Japan International Workshop on Smart Wireless. Communications Number of participants: 80 Venue: Hotel Lasaretti

18.-20.5.2016 European Wireless Conference 2016. venue: Lapland Hotel Oulu

13.6.2016 8th International UBI Seminar 2016. Venue: Oulu City Library Number of participants: 100

13-18.6.2016 UBISS 2016 (7th International UBI Summer School 2016). Venue: University of Oulu Number of participants: 100

15.-17.6.2016 Conference on Epidemiological Birth Cohort Studies, 2nd Paula Rantakallio symposium and 6th Conference on Epidemiological Longitudinal Studies in Europe, CELSE. Number of participants: 200. Venue: Hotel lasaretti

20-22.6.2016 PerDis 2016 (5th ACM International Symposium on Pervasive Displays). Venue: University of Oulu Number of participants: 100

21.8.2016 Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Finland. Number of participants: 350. Organizer: Paistinkääntäjät ry

13.-16.9.2016 EUROSIM 2016 - The 9th EUROSIM Congress on Modelling and Simulation. Number of participants: 400. Suomen Automaation Tuki Oy & University of Oulu. Venues: Oulu City Theatre, Oulu City Library and Radisson Blu Hotel.

13.-16.10.2016 Northern European Platform (NEP). Venue: Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Raksila campus

2.-4.11.2016 The VIII Barents Road Director Meeting. Number of participants: 35 Venue: Scandic Hotel Oulu

3.11.2016 OBNE2016. Number of participants: 80 Venue: Tellus Innovation Arena

3.-4.11.2016 Conference on Environment and Health in History. Venue: University of Oulu

29.11.- 1.12.2016 Earli Sig 27. Venue: University of Oulu


3.-7.4.2017 International Teacher and Staff Exchange Week 2017. Number of Participants: 150 Venue: Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu

17-18.5.2017 WInnComm Europe 2017

29.-31.5.2017 Photonics Days 2017

12.-15.6.2017 EUCNC 2017. Venue: Oulu City Theatre, Oulu City Library and Radisson Blu Hotel

14.-15.6.2017 Top of the World Arctic Broadband Summit. Venue: Uusi Seurahuone Number of participants: 100

15.-17.6.2017 European Days. Number of participants: 120

20.-21.9.2017 11th Entrepreneurship Education Conference 2017

5.-6.10.2017 Industry Summit. Number of participants: 400-500


31.1.-1.2.2018 PRINSE’18
4.-6.6.2018 Congress on China-Finland Intelligent IoT, Venue: University of Oulu
27.6.-29.6.2018 International Association of Lyceum Clubs IALC Cultural Days Number of participants: 250
26.-28.11.2018 ScAIEM 2018 Venue: University of Oulu


5.-6.2.2019 Oikos Finland conference for ecologists and evolutionary biologists Venue: Hotelli Lasaretti Number of participants: 200
12.-13.3.2019 Polar Bear Pitching
12.-14.3.2019 Can ECoC save the world? Venue: Hotelli Lasaretti
9.-10.5.2019 Nordic Interprofessional Network NIPNET Conference 2019 Venue: OAMK Number of participants: 100
14.-15.5.2019 Industry Summit 2019 Venue: Oulu Theatre
28.-29.5.2019 FabLearn Europe Venue: Oulu University Number of participants: 100
6.-7.6.2019 PrintoCent InnoFest Venue: Ravintola Nallikari Number of participants: 120
10.-15.6.2019 UBISS 2019 Venue: University of Oulu
12.-17.8.2019 International Incoherent Scatter Radar School Venue: Pikku-Syöte, Finland
19.-23.8.2019 19th International EISCAT Symposium 2019 and 46th Annual European Meeting on Atmospheric Studies by Optical Methods Venue: Oulu University
27.-30.8.2019 ISWCS 2019
29.-30.8.2019 Finland - MAX IV Symposium Venue:Oulu University
24.-25.10.2019 32nd Nordic Seminar on Computational Mechanics Venue: University of Oulu Number of participants: 50-100
30.10.-1.11.2019 CriM 2019 Cyber Security Seminar and Workshops Venue: University of Oulu
10.–11.12.2019 Upscaling Digital Solutions in Cities Venue: Oulu, Finland


29.-30.1.2020 PRINSE’20 Venue: University of oulu
5.–6.2.2020 Northern Lights Education Conference Venue: Oulu
12.2.2020 Wind Finland goes production 2020 Venue: BusinessOulu
18.-20.2.2020 Arctic Education Forum 2020
11.-15.5.2020 Midnight Summer School Venue: Oulu
10.-12.6.2020 Conference on Epidemiological Birth Cohort and Longitudinal Studies – 4th Paula Rantakallio symposium Venue: University of Oulu
22.-24.10.2020 12th Annual Symposium of Architectural Research 2020 (Atut2020) Venue: University of Oulu



The calendar includes all significant, free-to-publish international congresses of which we have been informed. Further information on international congresses organized in Finland can be found in the Finland Convention Bureau’s calendar.

Helena Pikkarainen

Helena Pikkarainen

Senior Advisor, Congress Services

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