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09.05.2012 klo 15:14

Kiiminki’s Kimmoke Park is a haven for snowboarding and freestyle skiing

Snowboarding and freestyle (‘new school’) skiing are wildly popular activities among young people, but the Oulu region was lacking a suitable place for practising these. The problem was solved when a freestyle park was built near the Kimmoke clubhouse of the Kiimingin Urheilijat sports club.

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27.04.2012 klo 15:06

PSOAS offers students a new way to get to know Oulu

15th of Oulu's '100 acts' is an international student house

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25.04.2012 klo 08:25

Mediaseinä uses computational intelligence

Mediaseinä breaks the boundaries of watching TV with computational intelligence

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05.04.2012 klo 09:09

Visit to Beijing and suzhou in May 2012 - Hosted by China Development Bank

China Development Bank (CDB) is inviting Finnish companies for a visit to Beijing and Suzhou in May 14.-18, 2012 to explore cooperation opportunities.

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02.04.2012 klo 11:23

Finland’s first DIY fibre-optic broadband network!

A fixed, fibre-optic broadband connection allows reliable high-speed television and internet services to be provided now and for many years to come. In new residential areas, fibre-optic broadband connections are already standard in every home, while in older areas they are a rarity. Luckily, you can build one yourself! At least you can if you share the active approach and community spirit of the network co-operative OLKA (Oulunseudun Laajakaista).

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