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31.05.2012 klo 09:02

Young teens and preteens help build a positive atmosphere in their community

The latest of Oulu's ‘100 Acts’ is all about a group of youngsters aged 11-14 living in the Heinäpää district of Oulu. Assisted by an older youth, they set up a Junior Youth Group to build a positive atmosphere in their local community - starting from their own back yard and expanding to the entire Heinäpää district.

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18.05.2012 klo 10:56

Butterfly Ventures selected to establish Northern Startup Fund

The City of Oulu has selected Butterfly Ventures to manage the Northern Startup Fund that will be established in Oulu. The fund will invest in startup companies that have operations within Oulu region.

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09.05.2012 klo 15:14

Kiiminki’s Kimmoke Park is a haven for snowboarding and freestyle skiing

Snowboarding and freestyle (‘new school’) skiing are wildly popular activities among young people, but the Oulu region was lacking a suitable place for practising these. The problem was solved when a freestyle park was built near the Kimmoke clubhouse of the Kiimingin Urheilijat sports club.

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27.04.2012 klo 15:06

PSOAS offers students a new way to get to know Oulu

15th of Oulu's '100 acts' is an international student house

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25.04.2012 klo 08:25

Mediaseinä uses computational intelligence

Mediaseinä breaks the boundaries of watching TV with computational intelligence

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