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28.01.2013 klo 11:01

33rd of Oulu's "100 acts": Four Jussi award nominations for Miss Blue Jeans

Miss Blue Jeans, a film partly shot in Oulu, has received four Jussi Award nominations. An achievement like that is definitely an 'act'; after all, the Jussi Awards are the “Finnish Academy Awards” for the best pictures of the year.

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22.01.2013 klo 12:02

32nd of Oulu's "100 acts": The business idea competition for new Oulu high school students

If the Oulu region and Finland are to keep up with global competition, we need a supportive atmosphere, brave professionals, knowledgeable advisors and structures that support business operations. These were the thoughts of economic sciences and business studies students from the University of Oulu who came up with a new business idea competition for high school students.

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16.01.2013 klo 15:23

Valopaa Receives a Significant Capital Investment from VNT Management

VNT Management has made a capital investment of two million euros in the Oulu based company, Valopaa Ltd. Valopaa is a manufacturer and developer of LED lighting technology for demanding environments.

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02.01.2013 klo 13:22

31st of Oulu's '100 Acts': The New oulu is worth celebrating

There will be cause for celebration in 2013, as the first day of the new year will see the founding of a new municipality, Oulu. At the same time, Oulu will become the fifth largest city in Finland. The celebration year for the New Oulu will be filled with events big and small, so everyone will have a chance to take part in the festivities!

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20.12.2012 klo 14:29

LLGA - Cities Pilot the Future paves the way to global markets

Oulu participates in the international LLGA – Cities Pilot the Future innovation program. The LLGA collaboration provides the Oulu based companies, as well as educational and research faculties the opportunity to participate in the innovation challenges created by the 21 international cities in the program.

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