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16.06.2017 klo 12:29

International premiere of Star Boys during the 39th Moscow International Film Festival

STAR BOYS (Finland, Sweden), the full-length feature debut of documentary director Visa Koiso-Kanttila, was announced to become a participant of the 39th Moscow International Film Festival’s main competition. Antti Luusuaniemi and Pihla Viitala are starring in the movie.

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14.06.2017 klo 08:44

Oulu 5GFWD Hackathon Grand Prix prize to a team from India

Hospital navigation with augmented reality brought victory in 5G-Hackathon

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31.05.2017 klo 13:52

Investors believe in a new Finnish processor innovation

Minima has collected already 5,5 million Euros with two‐stage seed funding.

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31.05.2017 klo 12:00

Oulu, the home of 5G hosts EuCNC and world’s first 5G hackathon – and that’s only the start

Oulu, Finland, has a track record of 50 years – and counting – in creating the wireless technologies of the future. The next revolution will be 5G and the first 5G connection was made at Nokia’s Oulu factory in Oulu on December 23, 2016. June 2017 is all about 5G and technology as Oulu hosts the world’s first 5G hackathon, two EU-level meetings and the Arctic Economic Council. This is your chance to discover Oulu, the home of 5G.

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28.04.2017 klo 10:44

Goodspeed Roaming wins Best e-SIM Provisioning Provider Award

Goodspeed Roaming App convinces the MVNO Awards jury with its innovativeness and contribution in helping MVNOs to scale up their businesses to provide global roaming connectivity.

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