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Oulu launches an open-access database of the start-up ecosystem

Julkaistu 15.09.2022

Startups in Oulu are now worth more than €3.2B in combined enterprise value and they raised €115M in 2021. To map it all out, Oulu gets its own online startup ecosystem database, powered by Dealroom.

The platform provides data and intelligence on startups, innovation, investors, funding rounds, and many other insights on Oulu.

This new database not only offers the most detailed picture so far of the Oulu startup scene but is also an ongoing collaborative project. Any startup, investor, or ecosystem stakeholder can add their own company and organisation details, and enhance their profile – thus providing open access to real-time data of and for the community.

More accuracy and transparency in tech and investment industry data will not only improve local ecosystem connectivity but also help put the Oulu region on the map internationally as an increasingly promising hub for technology and innovation, and as such an attractive target for investments.

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