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Employer’s summer job instructions

Employer’s summer job instructions

Do you have a summer job offer?

If you would like to advertise a position for a summer job, please fill in the form on the link.
Companies, associations, organisations, clubs or foundations operating in the Oulu city region (Oulu, Hailuoto, Ii, Kempele, Liminka, Lumijoki, Muhos and Tyrnävä) can employ people with a summer work contract.

Summer job voucher support

With a summer work voucher you can employ a young individual aged 15-17 (born between 1.5.2005 and 30.4.2008) from Oulu to work during the summer period from 1.5 to 30.9.2023. The young individual can use one summer work voucher during the summer.
We will support the employer's wage costs for the young individuals with a summer work voucher to the amount of 320 EUR. The subsidy is paid to the employer afterwards.

The summer voucher job lasts two weeks and the working time is 30 hours per week or 60 hours in total during the summer period. If the total number of hours is less than 60 hours, the summer job voucher allowance is paid according to the number of hours worked.

The voucher cannot be used at the same time as other summer work schemes targeted at young people (e.g. Tutustu työelämään ja tienaa-malli).

Fair payment for summer work

The summer voucher must be paid a wage in accordance with the collective agreement or general collective agreement for the duration of the summer work. If there is no collective agreement or general collective agreement in the region, the summer worker must be paid a minimum basic summer salary of €370. If the basic salary is less than €370, no summer work voucher aid is paid. In addition to the basic salary, the summer worker must have a paid holiday and any evening and weekend bonuses. For more details, see the collective agreement in your region or the general collective agreement.

The employer will have to pay a deductible for salary costs. In addition, the employer is responsible for the statutory salary-related expenses, which must also be mentioned in the pay slip.

To apply for the allowance, use eAsionti

The City of Oulu has switched to the electronic eAsiointi service for applying for summer job voucher support. To use the service, the applicant must be strongly authenticated and authorised to use the Y-ID. The authorisation can be a general right to sign a name or, more specifically, a power of attorney called "Submitting a grant application", for which there are separate instructions. 

You will need the details of the company and the young individual from the completed summer work voucher. Attached are an employment contract and a receipt for payment of wages. You can access the eAsiointi service via this link.

With eAsiointi, paper applications and attachments are no longer needed to be returned to the City of Oulu.

If you are unable to access eAsiointi, please make sure that you have sufficient internet access. Updating the page can often help. You can also try the page in a different browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge). If none of this help, you can contact Once you have submitted your application via eAsiointi, the system will send a message to the email address you have provided to check the progress of your application. Please remember to check your email address also your spam folder.

The city of Oulu supervises its obligations according to the Customer Liability Act also in granting and paying grants and subsidies. If the applicant is not included in the advance collection register, the recipient of the support must be able to verify the fulfilment of the appropriate employer's obligations upon request. Complete instructions can be found on the website.

The summer work voucher is for employers in the Oulu urban area

Companies and third sector workers operating in Oulu, Hailuodo, Ii, Kempele, Liminga, Lumijoki, Muhos and Tyrnävä can employ the summer work voucher.

A private person cannot be hired with a summer work voucher allowance. The employer must have a Y - ID.

Works like this

1. When a suitable summer worker has been found, make sure that they have a City of Oulu summer work voucher and the right age to use the summer work voucher.

2. Agree on the salary with the young individual before starting work. The basic salary must be in accordance with the collective agreement or the universally binding collective agreement. If the industry does not have a collective agreement or a universally binding collective agreement, the young individual is paid a basic salary of at least 370 euros. In addition to the basic salary, the summer employee must be paid holiday compensation and possible evening and weekend supplements must be taken into account.

3. Make a written employment contract with the young individual, which states the start and end date of the summer job, the number of hours, tasks, and salary. Print the employment contract form. You can ask your own insurance company for more details about occupational accident insurance.

4. Ask the young individual for an original summer work voucher, on which the young person enters their own information.

5. When the summer job is over, pay the young individual their salary immediately. Please remember to have a work certificate for the young individual about the summer job.

6. Ask the young individual for consent to hand over information to BusinessOulu's employment services (EU data protection regulation) for the payment of the summer work voucher.

7. When you have paid the young individual's salary, log in to the eAsiointi service and proceed as follows:
• fill in the electronic summer work voucher support application (information about summer work voucher) and add the following attachments:
• signed employment contract
• official proof of salary payment, which shows the young individual's name, social security number, basic salary, holiday pay (See more information in the Important links section) and employer contributions made from the salary (See payments in the Employer contributions section). The latest salary statement is sufficient if it shows the salaries paid in the summer. You can use, for example, the page to pay your salary and print a salary statement by logging into the service. The salary must be paid into the young individual's bank account, not in cash. Handwritten salary slips are not accepted. If requested, the recipient of the subsidy must be able to verify the fulfilment of appropriate employer obligations.

8. We pay a summer work allowance of 320 euros based on the application and attachments. The summer work voucher application and attachments must be returned by October 31, 2023, via the eAsionitti service.

We will completely switch to electronic transactions when applying for summer work voucher support in 2023. If you do not have the possibility to use eAsioni, you can send an email about it to kesatyo(at)

Please also note that the summer work voucher compensation will not be paid if the summer employee has not been paid according to the conditions, the documents are incomplete, or they have not been returned on time. In this case, the city of Oulu cannot be billed for summer work voucher performance.

Employer contributions

The recipient of the grant or support must be able to verify the fulfilment of the relevant obligations when requested. Below is a list of the most relevant factors. Complete instructions can be found on the tax authority's website.

• Withholding from salary payment
• Health insurance (employees aged 16–67)

The SV payment must be paid even if withholding tax cannot be deducted. For example, if no withholding tax needs to be deducted from the salary based on the tax card

Employment pension insurance contribution (TyEL) (employees aged 17–68)
• If the monthly earnings exceed the lower limit of the insurance obligation
• For example, in 2021: "An employee must be insured if his earnings during a calendar month are at least 61.37 euros."
Unemployment insurance (for employees aged 18–64)
• If the employer pays a total of more than 1,400 euros in wages during the calendar year
• When the employee turns 18, the unemployment insurance is collected from the beginning of the month following the birthday
Work accident and occupational health insurance
• If the employer pays a total of more than 1,300 euros in wages during the calendar year
• The insurance must be valid when the employee starts work
You do not have to pay health insurance, occupational pension insurance or unemployment insurance for the salary of a person under 16 years old.

f there is no salary payment in the activity of the grantee or support recipient, there are no related social insurance contribution obligations.

More detailed instructions from the website

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