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World’s biggest virtual company visit - Nokia & City of Oulu

Time: Thursday, May 12, 2022
Place: Youtube (City of Oulu Youtube-channel)
Registration: Go to YouTube to watch the visit

Participation fee: This event is free of charge

Follow the event in Youtube

The World’s Biggest Virtual Company Visit in Youtube

Nokia and the city of Oulu together will host the world’s biggest virtual company visit day on May 12, 2022. The event introduces Nokia and the world of working life inside it for the future talents. The day has content for people of all ages. The day covers all school levels from pre-school to university level.

During the day, you will take a closer look into Nokia's Oulu unit. You’ll get to know how their solutions impact our everyday lives, what kind of professions and professionals Nokia has, and how does a working day at Nokia look like. Through the stories of various people at Nokia, you will learn what kind of skills Nokia needs, and what study choices can lead you to work at Nokia.

Event is free of charge and open for everyone. Oulu Talent Hub is the event partner, and one session is organized in English.


Duration of the visits is 45 minutes and visiting times for different age groups can be found below.

  8:30-9:15 Grades 1 & 2 (in Finnish)
  9:30-10:15 Early childhood education & pre-school (in Finnish)
  10:30-11:15  Grades 3 to 6 (in Finnish)
  12:30-13:15 Grades 7 to 9 (in Finnish)
  13:30-14:15 Vocational education (in Finnish)
  14:30-15:15 High school (in Finnish)
  16:00-16:45     Higher education & international talent (in English)



The visit day will be held on an online platform. The participation link will be sent to registrants prior to the event. Participants do not need a microphone nor camera. 


You can prepare your students for the day with exciting pre-assignments. Deadline for pre-assignments is May 10. The assignments will be published in April. Preliminary assignments are voluntary.

Pre-assignment in English

Technology is used to make the world a better place. The ICT and technology industries offer a variety of employment opportunities, and you can enter the industry along different paths. A variety of skills and competencies are needed in the industry.

In this pre-assignment, we challenge you to think with us the question “what kind of skills are needed in the field of technology and what study and career choices can be made to get a job there?” The aim of the pre-assignment is to introduce you to the world of technology and reflect on different skills and paths towards working with technology.
The task is to answer a short questionnaire where you can share your thoughts on the field of technology as a possible future job, the skills needed there and the different paths.

>> You can access the task from this link

The task is designed to be done as an individual exercise. There are no right or wrong answers, and we encourage you to reflect and come up with your own ideas.

We are interested to hear how you understand the field of technology, the skills needed there and the different career paths. We want to highlight the different opportunities that the industry offers. Nokia wants to make the diverse job opportunities in technology known to people of all ages.


We will try to bring out the thoughts and ideas of the pre-assignments during the visit as well. Please do a pre-visit before the visit, no later than May 10, 2022.

>> You can access the task from this link

More information

Tiina Haapaniemi
City of Oulu, BusinessOulu
+35850 302 3196

Eemeli Alanne
City of Oulu, Educational & Cultural Services
+35840 182 5114


What is the world’s biggest virtual company visit about?

The world’s biggest virtual company visit makes the chosen company familiar to future professionals. The content considers the age and other special needs of each target group. The visit is built of sessions for different age groups. The visit can be complemented with inspiring pre-assignments.

Who can attend the event?

The event is open for everyone. The event is open for individuals, classes, and groups of students, as well as other people interested in the topic.

The visit day will be built around Nokia's Oulu unit, but you can participate in the visit from anywhere in the world.

What is the content of the visit?

The visit dives into the chosen company from different perspectives. Visit includes both career stories of individuals as well as company’s practical activities. The content is designed for different age groups. The content is comprehensively linked to the curriculum's wide-ranging competencies and different subjects.

How can you participate in the event?

The event will be held as an online event with pre-registration. A participation link will be sent to registrants before the event.

You need a computer or other smart device and audio to participate. Participants do not need a microphone nor camera. A school can for example organize visit by projecting the visit to a classroom’s screen where everyone can follow the program.

How can you prepare for the event in advance? Do we need to prepare for it?

You can prepare for the day of the visit by doing the preliminary assignments which we will publish on this page. Preliminary assignments are voluntary, but they can be used to build a more comprehensive package around the visit as part of the teaching.

It is not necessary to do preliminary assignments, and you can only participate in the visit.

Can we attend a different age group’s session if the schedule is better for us?

Yes, you can. The content is designed for age groups, but it is flexible for different ages.

Can I register for the event an entire school at one time?

Yes, you can register for the event an entire school at one time. Please select the option group when registering and enter the number of participants.

Who is organizing the event?

The world’s biggest virtual company visit is organized by City of Oulu’s Työn Taitajat -program, Nokia and Oulu Talent Hub.

Työn Taitajat is a working life program for schools created by BusinessOulu and City of Oulu’s Educational and Cultural Services. Oulu Talent Hub brings together and develops regional opportunities and services for international recruitment.

Nokia creates technology that helps the world act together. Nokia is a trusted partner for critical networks, committed to innovation and technology leadership across mobile, fixed and cloud networks.