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05 Wed

Invitation to creative minds - how to bring city centers alive during the dark time

  • Begins: 05.10.2022

5.10.2022 Workshop in Oulu

Welcome to find out new solutions and ideas on how to bring alive the dark time of the urban city centers on both sides of the Bothnian Bay.

We want to invite you to turn on your creative minds in order to plan something vibrant and inspiring in the city centers. The focus of the workshop is on how we can liven up city centers when it is dark and cold outside.We want to boost the connection of the cities around the Bothnian Bay and encourage sustainable tourism.

Feel free to spread the invitation to all creative minds in the city center development, arts & culture, business, tourism and administration.

More information about the workshop and registration by e-mail from Katja Koskinen katja.koskinen(at)