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07 Wed

Industry 4.0 Market Opportunities - France

  • Begins: 07.10.2020

Webinar 07.10.2020

For Finnish Companies with internationally competitive solutions for industrial digital transformation

Business Finland’s Sustainable Manufacturing program seeks actively business opportunities in various markets. Next, we will have a look at the industrial digitalization in France.

France is the seventh largest economy in the world and the second largest economy in the EU. France is among the leading global industrial economies in the automotive, aerospace and railway sectors, just to name a few sectors. Just last week, President Macron announced a 15 Bn€ post-coronavirus recovery financing for French industrial innovation, modernization, and relocation of French manufacturing industries. Furthermore, financing of AI projects in France is forecast to reach 1.1 Bn EUR in 2020, placing France in number one spot in EU.

Please join our webinar to hear the latest from industrial digitalization in France, directly from local experts, and from companies operating in the market.


15.00-17.00 (UTC +3, Helsinki)/ 14.00-16.00 (CET)

15.00 Introduction, Dr Toni Mattila - Sustainable Manufacturing Program - Business Finland

15.10 Overview of the French Industy 4.0 market, Henriikka Yliheljo - Embassy of Finland/Paris, Ryan Cone - Business Finland

15.30 How the Industry 4.0 agenda is being stimulated in France, AIF (Alliance Industrie du Futur) - Jean-Marie Caroff, International Ambassador

15.45 Perspectives of the market from a large Industrial IoT systems integrator, Mios (SNEF) - Victor Brissot - Responsable R&D - IoT & Innovation

16.00 Industry 4.0 needs and perspectives from a European major manufacturer, Airbus

16.15 Finnish company experiences of exporting to France, Wirepas - Teppo Hemiä - CEO

16.30 Q&A - Discussion

17.00 Webinar Ends


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