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In the BusinessOulu calendar, you will find events and coaching programs targeted at companies and their employees. The events and programs are often completely free of charge or at least highly affordable. If you wish to add your event to our calendar, please use our form to send the event infomation.

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03 Wed

Digital matchmaking event for Estonian ICT sector companies and Oulu Automotive Cluster

  • Begins: 03.11.2021

3.November 2021

Globalization and nearshoring -find new opportunities and discover potential cooperation partners in Estonian ICT sector and Oulu Automotive cluster at the online matchmaking event.

Why do business with Estonia? Estonia is known as one of the most digitally advanced societies in the world, with 99% of state services available online and the first country to use blockchain to ensure nation-wide data integrity. As a result, Estonian companies are on the cutting edge of digital innovation. Furthermore, the country celebrates and seeks to unleash entrepreneurial activity, which has led to the highest number of unicorns per capita.

Oulu Automotive Cluster
Oulu Automotive Cluster helps automotive brands design and develop sustainable electric and autonomous cars to meet new business models. With 115 companies and 33 research and development organizations, the cluster is one of the fastest growing ecosystems in Finland. Oulu Automotive Cluster is run by BusinessOulu, the business development agency of City of Oulu.

Companies and researchers in Oulu have globally unique expertise in radio technologies, printed electronics, embedded software, IoT solutions and 6G research. We are looking forward to creating new and sustainable solutions for future mobility.

9.00 - 9.05 Welcome
Irene Surva-Lehtonen, trade advisor, Enterprise Estonia Finland

9.05 - 9.20 Autonomous Vehicles and Mobility in Smart City now and in the future.
Krister Kalda, Smart City project manager, Tallinn University of Technology, Smart City Center of Excellence

9.20 - 9.30 How ecosystem work supports SMEs to enter automotive industry?
Eija Hämäläinen, Project Manager, Oulu Automotive Cluster

9.30 - 10.10 Pitching of Estonian companies
virtual introductions of company products and services -
presentations (3 min. for each company)

10.10 – 11.30 Online MATCHMAKING Estonian companies - Oulu Automotive Cluster companies
(you can pre-book B2B meetings when you will receive a participation link or during the event)

Meet the Estonian companies in this event:
The Autonomous Driving Lab of University of Tartu

Registration: the registration link to this event becomes available on October 11th, 2021.

Further information:

Irene Surva-Lehtonen
Viron kaupallinen edustusto/ Enterprise Estonia
Sörnäisten rantatie 22 C/ 00540 Helsinki
Mob. +358 44766 6420

Eija Hämäläinen
Oulu Automotive Cluster
Tel. +358 40 703 5761