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In the BusinessOulu calendar, you will find events and coaching programs targeted at companies and their employees. The events and programs are often completely free of charge or at least highly affordable. If you wish to add your event to our calendar, please use our form to send the event infomation.

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18 Tue

Arctic Education Forum

  • Begins: 18.02.2020
  • Ends: 20.02.2020

The 1st Arctic Education Forum was truly a great success and we now offer the next event to explore the Finnish education system as a whole. You will get the latest insight into different learning environments and top-notch offerings while enjoying the purest nature and snowy landscape in Oulu, Finland in February 2020!

Arctic Education Forum is the perfect event for everyone in the education field to dive into the pedagogical matters of 21st century education as well as getting to know the latest innovations, the role of entrepreneurship in studies and the various learning environments.

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