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From this database, you can find information on companies in the Oulu region. Companies are responsible for updating their own data. You can add your company and its logo to the database if it has not yet been registered. By supplying the database with basic information, the company receives a user ID in order to make updates. The database is free-of-charge for companies. The service is brought to you by BusinessOulu business corporation.

Search instructions

You must clear your previous search results by clicking "Clear" or "New search". You can search for company data according to main business sector and sub-sector classification and company size. You can also search for companies using free text search. For example, you can find the companies in a certain region by just entering the postal code. If necessary, you can extend the search words with the wildcard *.

You can arrange the search results in alphabetical or reversed alphabetical order or according to size, and you can also save or print them out in PDF format.

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