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Tapiola Bank Ltd, Oulu

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Updated: 16.07.2012


Tapiola, Keskusta / Oulu center:
Kirkkokatu 9
90100 Oulu
Tapiola, Kaakkuri:
Metsokankaantie 3
90420 Oulu
+358 (0)10 195 102
+358 (0)9 4531


Company description

Tapiola Bank Ltd is a modern bank serving mainly private persons online, by phone or at offices throughout Finland. The bank does not offer traditional over-the-counter banking services. In addition, the bank offers personal advisory service to customers by appointment with regard to both loans and investments.

Tapiola Bank is owned by the mutual companies of the Tapiola Group, thus also owned by the policyholders.

Managing Director: Marja Pajulahti

Company size:

Large corporation

Business sector:

Trade and services

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