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Ruskon Betoni Oy

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Updated: 25.06.2013


Ruskon betoni Oy
Piuhatie 15
90620 Oulu
Tel: +358 (0)20 7933 400
Fax: +358 (0)20 7933 407


Company description

Ruskon Betoni Oy is a Finnish family business specialising in the manufacture of ready-mixed concrete and its related services. In our operations and products, we focus on uncompromising quality and flexible customer service. We carry out our deliveries efficiently and in an environmentally-friendly way. In addition to the parent company, the Ruskon Betoni Oy group also comprises Napapiirin Betoni Oy and JA-KO Betoni Oy. KiBe Oy, an affiliated company of Ruskon Betoni Oy, serves builders in Kittilä and Pello.

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