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Pipelife Finland Ltd

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Updated: 25.07.2012


Tutkijantie 4
90590 Oulu
+358 (0)30 600 2200
info (at)


Company description

Pipelife Finland Oy is a leading HVAC-product prioducer and manufacturer in Finnish markets. The product range consists on plastic pipe systems for in-house and municipal solutions, eco-products and cable and electro protection. Pipelife Finland is emplying 12 persons in its manufacturing units located in Utajärvi, Ii, Joensuu and Haaparanta. Pipelife is producing plastic products with pipe extrusion, extrusion molding, rotation molding and heat molding. Pipelife is HVAC and plastic industry multitalent that is a part of Global Pipelife International GmbH.

Company size:

Large corporation

Business sector:

Cleantech Industry

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