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Oulun Putkipinnoitus Ltd New Tube

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Updated: 20.07.2012


Vinkakatu 4
15700 Lahti
Aluetoimisto / Regional office:
Tuotekuja 1
90410 Oulu
+358 (0)20 755 1140
pertti.saastamoinen (at)


Company description

Suomen Putkipinnoitus Oy was one of the first companies in Finland who began to make pipe coatings inside real estates – established in year 2005. New Tube is registered trademark owned by Suomen Putkipinnoitus Oy. Oulun Putkipinnoitus Oy was established in 2008 in order to serve Oulu region customers with new and resident friendly method of sewer pipe renovations. New Tube –coating method is solvent free, dust free and cost effect way to renovate all kind of sewer pipes in real estates.

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Trade and services Industry

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