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Updated: 19.03.2014


Kaarnatie 24
90530 Oulu
+358 (0) 40 6795 471
etunimi.sukunimi (at)


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Eero Luttinen established Nordic JobCentre Ltd in 2007. It is a family business that provides staffing and recruitment services for construction and industrial companies, and carries out subcontracts such as final cleaning. Until 2007, the company operated in the name of its collaboration partner, Wash palvelut Lp, a cleaning company owned by Eero Luttinen. Nordic JobCentre operates and provides staffing and recruitment services in Northern Finland. The recruited, highly qualified employees are specialized in construction and demolition work and construction ancillary services, which are the recruitment areas dominated by Nordic JobCentre in the Oulu region. In addition, the company offers a growing number of services for industrial and other sectors.

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