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Naavan Oy

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Updated: 30.03.2015


Haaransuontie 10
90240 Oulu
+358 504 828 532


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Naavan Ltd – Your ERP specialist! ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) is necessary and even mandatory for business growth. However, it is also quite expensive and daunting investment. • Do you know how to choose the right system? • What elements of the business should be cover? • Finally, when the system is taken in use, can your personnel to use it? • How the new information provided by the new ERP system could be used for your business needs? Our experienced specialists support you in solving these and many many other ERP related issues. We are familiar with the multiple different ERP systems. We will help you to choose the most appropriate system for your business needs, to take it up smooth and to take advantage of its features in the best possible way.

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