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Matiss Lejins

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Updated: 18.03.2019


Oulu, Finland
Y-tunnus: 2874732-5



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Boxhouse, made of a continuous glass fibre body is an engineering and design masterpiece. Thanks to the professionally designed proportions – 4.50m × 2.40m × 2.65m – Boxhouse is spacious and conveniently portable for any distance. It is delivered fully equipped and ready-to- use and can be placed on almost any even surface in a private or other authorised area. With InBoxLifestyle a fully fledged housing or extra space can be obtained without unnecessary red tape and without building a construction site. The added value of Boxhouse is a first-class design, customised for individual preferences and needs, which permeates the interior, equipment and outer walls. Choose the layout, range of colours and exterior walls that are most suited for you! Fresh air and indoor heating is ensured by the latest generation ventilation and heating system. All of this – for low purchase and usage costs!

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