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Maanrakennus Keränen Ltd

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Updated: 23.08.2012


Postiosoite / Postal address:
Rapakiventie 1
90240 Oulu
Käyntiosoite (hallit) / Visiting address (halls):
Piikuja 1
90630 Oulu
+358 (0)40 068 0346
+358 (0)40 545 1698
maanrakennus.keranen.oy (at)


Company description

Keränen civil engineering ltd is an experienced and versatile construction company which is operating in Oulu is mainly local environment, but the company has also held various contract sites mm.pääkaupunki region. Reliability, flexibility and reliability best describe our business activities and those factors spurred we have kept our operations up and running for more than 35 years. Our services include nearly all the land, the water and the construction of a network of sub-areas.

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