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Ekopine Ltd

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Updated: 28.08.2012


Hiekkakiventie 7
90240 Oulu
+358 (0)44 327 1603
ekopine (at)


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Ekopine produces bio-oils and oil-impregnated timber for outdoor products e.g. external claddings, doors, fencing, terraces, gates, pergolas, sand boxes and playgrounds. Our main products and services are bio-oils for timber impregnation, surface treatment oils for timber, oils for lubrication use, bio-oil based surface active agents, pine oil soaps, eco impregnated timber and eco-efficient impregnation process for timber. Our impregnated timber has been ground tested for 11 ½ years with outstanding results, indicating that products easily last for 20 years and more.

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Cleantech Industry

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