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Updated: 13.05.2013


Postiosoite Salamakuja 7, 90420 Oulu Käyntiosoite ilm. myöh.
Puhelinnumero +358 (0)40 8492 724
Sähköpostiosoite marja.sarajarvi (at)


Company description

Amondi Oy helps its customers to direct their financial reporting practices to boost the business and to contribute to the achievement of the targets. This will be reached by minimizing the routines and maximizing the quality and relevance of information provided by processes. Amondi will carry out all development projects in a customer-oriented way, based on mutually prepared and agreed action plan. Amondi’s expertise combined with the company's business know how, creates a solid basis for developing a reliable and cost-effective reporting and forecasting process, to support the company's needs and practices. Amondi’s CFO and Financial Manager service is available for companies that have a temporary or part-time need of professional financial manager. Service can cover the entire field of finance&control as well as group reporting

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